Which one is better?..silent..or let it out??!!!!

08 Aug

In this challenging days,we can find many obstacles in achieving our dreams and many things else. As we try to move forward, then you can see or feel there must be something that make you find it hard to achieve.Why?

Silent?..or let it out…2 choices you can take or choose the best long as we are patient,than we can still stand with these trials and others…but in my opinion,the best one is we try to make it clear..then you’ll find very calm and happy.

In life,we have to make choices. In the Al-quran have been mentioned that “We had given you two ways,then choose”.Most of our life nowadays is provided with two choices that will bring us either to the right path or vice versa.Use our mind to make the best choice..since we still can think which one is the best….

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