the past and the future

10 Feb

actually i’m not really know how i wanna share this topic.


the past,can damage you and be benefited by life,we are already given 2 choices.positive side and negative side.thinking about the past and getting worse with it can never change what had already done or happened.the thing is,if we had made mistakes,it should be as lessons to deal with our future.

the future,it’s about your plan of life.if we wanna be the best forever,we have to learn something from everyday life and make it as your “teacher” in the future.imagine that you’re standing on a line.just a small line but long.the past is on your left side and the future is on the other side.the best one is you have to still and be in the line.if you fall in to the left side means you like to live and think about the past.if you fall in to the right side means you just think about the future without thinking the things that happened in the past.but if you still in the line,means you’re benefiting your left side for use in the right side…


just think..

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