it’s about my life,now Allah shown me

19 Mar

Since I was in standard 4, my dream was to be a doctor…that was only in my

it’s great if we’re a doctor.but we just can draw our plans,but only God knows whether it’s good for you or not. it’s a miracle because since i was 9 i was confused who i am in the next 20 years. TODAY ALLAH SHOWN ME.

it was started since i was in form 4 in SMK AGAMA ARAU. i noticed that i have a very great voice. Then my voice have went on many ceremonies in school,hotels and camp. then in form 5, starting from that year i’ve been invited to lead the tarawih prayer every year. then i succeed to join the matriculation program in USIM. since form that,it was not my meant, but i always keep asking ….”what and where should i benefit my voice” and this question has no answer until nowadays.

i quit from that matriculation program since i planned to further my studies to Egypt.that question was still in my mind.This was the first part of the hidayah. at first i late to register my name to join the medical program in Egypt. then i applied the program for this upcoming september. then the revolution process happened and my parents stark rejected my decision to go there. then i applied the ACMS program for pre-medical studies.i’ve been selected to go there and i planned to make a loan with MARA since the loan can be converted into scholarship. i went to KL just want to manage that loan. it was very disappointed when they said ” presumably your loan is 99% rejected”,with no reasonable reason.

then my dad’s corporate man called  the latter’s friend,he’s a Datuk and was a manager of MARA. he told me to meet somebody in MARA and they will give me a scholarship but not a loan. i felt released. but it was temporary since the person that he told me to see was absent that day but not only that day, but she took leave for 1 week!..only God knew how was my feeling that day.

but the question still in my mind…every university that i applied is failed.not applicable.not seat.expensive.and many more reasons.this day, i was suddenly i made a decision to memorize Al-Quran in somewhere. but magically, when i made that decision, i felt very calm,happy and wanna cry of happiness. and that is my decision.then i will decide what will i take after be a doctor..or someone else…okay..thanks Allah

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