it’s hard to be free

05 Oct

life is not as simple as some people’s sometimes such a complicated puzzle game that need to be solved in a few seconds.i heard someone said “the problem is not a problem,but the problem is the way to solve the problem”.i quite agree with that words because it is actually trying to tell us, we always see a problem such a big mountain,meanwhile we never see a mountain is only like a chocolate that is delicious and easy to eat.

when we’re facing with problems,we hope to run away from everybody , it seems like running away from the problem as well. but the real thing is,nobody is willing to solve your OWN problem other than you.let’s think the best way in solving our problem wisely.

muslims believe that every problem is given by Allah to test their strength and they knew that Allah will not giving something hard to them if they cannot solve it or not really strong to face we got a problem,we cannot differentiate which one is the best way to overcome the problem.the solution is…………………………………………………pray…!…asking for solutions.

solutions can come through various ways that sometimes we never think about let’s do it!

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